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Alan's Award Winning Photography Vancouver banquet, business seminar, convention and trade show photography brings the booth, speaker, special event and meeting planner all together in pictures. Our photography is done using the best digital and medium format cameras for the highest quality photos, images and pictures you can receive

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Trade Show Pictures Photography We offer you World Class Photography and Printing Services for Awards, Banquet, Conference, Convention, Reception and Trade Show Photography.
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Do it with Great deals like all the convention photographs we take in one hour, on location for a negotiable hourly fee - tell us your budget - we can probably do it.

You own all the negatives or digital files, with no other charges. We have 16 years photography experience in the industry. We have associated ourselves with Meeting Professionals International, so you know we are savy about conventions, trade shows, and tourism.

If you need any printing services, we are expert print brokers, and can coordinate all the aspects of your photography and printing needs. We promise you satisfaction guaranteed services and the best professional quality, support and service available today. With the newest 12 megapixel digital cameras and our artistic, yet unobtrusive talent, we deliver photography that is some of the best in the world!

Our professional team of photographers can handle any event for complete coverage of your business and promotional needs. Discover for yourself how Alan's Award Winning Photography can make the difference for you by visiting our Photography Gallery.

NEGATIVES or Digital Files are included in all our convention photography, saving you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars on rights useage and photo reprint costs!

We offer an open and negotiable fee for all our photography services based on project size and deliverables.

We specialize in:

  • Awards Banquets & Ceremonies
  • Booth Photography
  • High Ranking Dignitaries (APEC approved security pass) Photography
  • Printing and Print Brokering for Brochures, Newsletters, Press Releases
  • Product Photography
  • Set Design Photography
  • Spousal Tour Photography
  • Trade Shows, Conventions & Exhibits

We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry thanks to our high quality Digital Imaging Services. We can have photographs taken in Vancouver, in Honk Kong or New York within five minutes after they were taken. Alan's Award Winning Photography is about Service and your competitive edge!

We are a team of Professionals and have worked with the best. Here is a shortlist of our photography and printing experience:

  1. APEC 97
  2. John Chretien
  3. President of Mexico
  4. Elizabeth Taylor
  5. Jimmy Pattison
  6. Edgar Kaiser Jr.
  7. Planet Hollywood/Virgin Records
  8. Eatons
  9. Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
  10. Westin Bayshore Hotel
  11. Pan Pacific Hotel
  12. B.C. Place
  13. Martin van Keken and Associates
  14. Grouse Mountain Resorts

Contact us for our guaranteed fixed price quote with negatives and all proofs or digital files included in our Vancouver banquet, convention, conference, reception and trade show photography and printing assignments.

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