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Corporate Photography Services

Alan's Award Winning Photography specializes in corporate photography. I would be pleased to supply you with a fixed price quote for my products and services.

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Customer Commitment

What kind of Price Quote does Alan's Award Winning Photography offer?
I am customer service and support oriented. You'll never have to worry about the quote being changed either because at Alan's Award Winning Photography I lock it in, no hidden fees or costs and no re-negotiating the contract. Just simple and straight forward service. I guarantee it.

I consult closely with you to gain a clear understanding of what is required. This gives you peace of mind and the security of a reliable, professional service. My in-house production ensures a tight chain of command to offer you quick turnaround service and strict quality control.

How flexible is Alan's Award Winning Photography?
Very flexible. My in-house production allows for it. I am able to take a project from concept to completion so if you need changes, they are only a phone call away. I have several sign off stages and this keeps you in the picture every step of the way. You receive your material as requested; on time and on budget.

Alan's Award Winning Photography has worked for many high profile companies, give us a call for a copy of our many reference letters.

What advantages does Alan's Award Winning Photography offer?
Over and above my quality service I give you the negatives as part of the package. This allows corporations a chance for royalty free usage. I offer photo reprints at a cut rate far below our competitors and you pocket the savings. Recent technology has allowed Alan's Award Winning Photography to offer you in-house Digital Imaging to help cut your costs, allow quicker turnaround time and the ability to provide you with improved or enhanced quality images.

Photography & Services

Whether you are launching a new product or hosting a booth at a Trade Show, you can rely on Alan's Award Winning Photography to give you professional and courteous service.

I offer a full suite of Photography Services. I also will output your photographs into slides, negatives, digitized media, prints, posters, etc. Once digitized you have a choice of a further suite of services including enhancing, manipulating, adding text and sound or creating collages and custom works as well as colour balance, lighting correction and of course output back to film.

What kind of coverage does Alan's Award Winning Photography provide?
Complete coverage when neccessary. I will photograph on location, and travel is not a problem. I also have ample access to other photographers to cover multiple events that run concurrently. I will shoot in your office and then cover an assembly plant across town. Need background footage? Not a problem. Rushed for time? Again, not a problem.

Below is a list of our services that I can offer you.

  • Corporate Photography
  • Stock Photography
  • Scanning & Digital Imaging
  • Photo Retouching
  • Slides & Overhead Material
  • Digital Artwork

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