Corporate and Construction Progress Photography Gallery

Leverage your corporate and construction business to attract more clients by creating high quality photographs to include in print and on the web. It's a fact that your "frontline image" is based on the photographs people see and how else you present your company.

We can help you land more business by creating eye catching images that include time lapsed photography. Time lapse construction progress photography is a great way to show your prospects and business investors the cycle of work from its beginning to end. Click here for a great deal on our construction photography and to see more of our vancouver construction pictures.

Best of all when you hire our construction progress photography services you get a fantastic deal on what is delivered to you. For just $195.00 per hour you OWN all of the photrographs we take for you, inclusive of our photography labour!

Check out our photos, then give us a call to get together for a complimentary analysis meeting, to scope out your next project.

If you have landed directly here by clicking on this page indexed in one of the search engines you may wish to click here to get an overview of this page. Thanks for your interest in Alan's Award Winning Photography.

Welcome to the Gallery.
To view an image
simply click on them
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Your construction progress photographs we take for you are done with digital cameras that
exceed film quality ... for the best images possible at photography fees of just $195 per hour .. see above for the details.
Our construction progress photography uses state of the art

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