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" It's all new and very exciting, but at our core it is our Vision to remember that it is not about technology. It is about people."

Alan's Award Winning Photography is a Firm specializing in Photography, and Digital Image manipulation.. I have won prestigious awards for my work and recently won a Lotus Award Merit of Achievement for my digital work on the Virgin Records - Vancouver Public Library site. My work ranks with the best in the world. I have operated in Vancouver for Fifteen years serving the business community with professional quality and a sincere commitment for excellence.

Embracing new technologies is not enough. We must not forget your employees, the valuable resources that help make your business prosper and grow. What is being done to give them the tools that they need? How can we succeed if we do not give them what they need? How can we ask more of our staff if they do not even share the company Vision? If you can't sell your company's Vision to your own employees then what are your chances of selling it to your customers and affiliates?

At Alan's Award Winning Photography I determine what your marketing Vision is before I enter into any production work. Combining 15 years of sales and marketing experience, I know the importance of and have the knowledge to put forth the right message with impact and results.

Give me a call, I look forward to hearing from you. Alan's Award Winning Photography, seeing things your way.


Alan Gough

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