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stock photography


Professionally Scanned Images from MEDIUM FORMAT NEGATIVES
Stock photography images on this web site have been professionally scanned from negatives (no flatbed scanning of pictures), manipulated and retouched for use in most of your applications. Negatives contain much more photography information than a print, such as deeper shadow ranges, brightness ranges and color saturation. You'll notice the superior quality of our stock photography images right away.

Every stock photography Image Has Been Custom Digitally Manipulated
Every photo is custom digitally manipulated to bring out the details in the shadow areas, and then carefully enhanced to balance the detail in the bright areas. All images are meticuously checked and corrected for dust marks. We then digitally sharpen the images to add extra crispness to them. Histograms (technical readings of images) are checked for proper levels and are always adjusted for maximum photographic impact. All digital work is done by an award winning digital image manipulation artist, who understands the demanding needs of advertising agencies, printers, graphic artists and related professionals.

Medium Format Stock Photos are MUCH Superior in Quality to 35mm Photos
The majority of our stock photographs originate from $10,000 medium format cameras that take a much sharper, more colorful image than 35 mm cameras. You'll find our images technically far superior to images taken with 35mm cameras.

35mm or Medium Format - Which is Better? - How to tell
Here's a hint on how to tell if other images you've been looking at have been taken with 35mm cameras. The 35mm negative has a ratio of 4 x 6. Therefore many images from 35mm prints and negatives are 1,024 pixels x 1536 pixels or 512 pixels x 768 pixels. The lenses for our cameras are approximately $2,000 each. The difference here is that sharper more colorful images are produced by lenses of this quality, as compared to many 35mm lenses. Because our negatives are 4 times larger than 35mm this also contributes to much sharper, less grainier images. Many of our images are available on this web site at resolutions of 1,600 pixels x 1,600 pixels, to 2,000 pixels x 2,000 pixels. 4,000 x 4,000 pixel resolution images scanned from negatives, are also available by special request. The ratio on our medium format cameras is square (i.e 6 x 6) because the negatives are also square. The bottom line to you is superior image quality.

Come on in and view our STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY. Simply E-Mail us or fax your request, or use our automated charge card and delivery system to licence the right to use these high resolution, digitally enhanced, images, royalty and licence free in your next project.

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